Welcome to the land of Hammerfast. From the mysteries of the Stonemarch to the historic area of Dawnforge Mountains. This land has been known to see a variety of wonders that would not be found anywhere else. Foreign technologies to creatures of unknown origins are known to appear in the land and are nothing like anyone has seen before.

The main kingdom is under the rule of King Torinn of the Copper Vale at the foot of the Dawnforge Mountains. His Consort Aliyah rules by his side as a trusted advisor and Kallista serves as his Master of Magical Affairs. Other great fighters have joined his army and it is the most prosperous area in all of the lands with goods from far and wide while offering the greatest quality of life.

There is a rich history of the land and a variety of challenges for those who dare. The only question left is what will you learn as you start your journey……….

Journey into Hammerfast

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