Journey into Hammerfast

A Strange Summoning
Here comes the big guy

Our adventurers had failed to discover what was happening in the Blighted Marsh and had to return to Hammerfast to heal up.

While they were resting, Kallista came up to our crew in The Leaky Pint with news of a job that could use their skills. She has heard rumblings about something strange noises and happening in the Old Hills. She knows the Ruins of Fastromel is in that area and fears something is amiss. She charges our adventurers with reconning the area and reporting back what they find.

Their first attempt was met with some interesting adventures. They ran into a group Goblins who ambushed the team while they were making their way. Thankfully our team was resilient in their efforts and made it through.

They arrive at the ruins to find that some goblins, worgs and owl bears were working with an armored figured who seemed to be casting a spell on a dragon shaped monument. The group tried to do what they can but the situation overwhelmed them and forced them to go back. The group returned to The Leaky Pint to report what they found.

After hearing what they had to say, Kallista asked the team to go back out there. Their purpose was either to gather more information or stop what the armored figured was doing. It was a hard fought battle on both sides. Magic and arrows flying everywhere, weapons clashing and so much more. Unfortunately for the group it was for naught.

As the only survivor, Inara witnessed a dragon with a bony exterior emerged from the ground. It was seen speaking with the armored figured but nothing could be heard. After a brief pause the creatures cleared out like nothing had happened and the armored figured mounted the dragon and flew off.

Our warriors returned to Hammerfast to report what they had learned. After hearing of their journey, Kallista decided she needed to discuss this with some advisers and asked the group to stick around til she could decide on their next course of action.

Updating the Monster Manual 1

Kallista meets the group at the Five Pints with some information about some side work that may interest them. The group decided this peaked their interest and went to speak with Odin Ironforge. You find an old Dwarf who was once a great hunter but is now a researcher into exotic creatures left over from The War of The 3 Goddesess.

He says that he is getting reports that giant creatures and loud noises have been roaming the fog of Gardbury Downs. Odin has requested that you bring back a specimen alive in order for him to research it. In order to help he has supplied the group with the Iron Bands of Bilarro.

The group made a first attempt using powerful magics and tracking skills to locate the beasts but unfortunately ended with the destruction of a T-Rex. They regrouped at the Five Pints and added on some new members as others left to pursue their own goals. This new group did much better and managed to subdue the creature using the Iron Bands of Bilarro.

Odin was very pleased with what was found. He awarded the group some gold as well as the iron bands for their efforts. Torinn also received word and was very impressed with the actions.

A SImple Delivery Gets Complicated

Iron_Bands.pngTorinn has requested your assistance with delivering some goods for a Hammerfast Festival. He warns that there is news of bandits jumping people on King’s Road and the last couple of supply runs haven’t been successful. Your caravan has decided to take on the task to earn favor with the King and make some gold.

Unfortunately things did not go as plan. As they were returning from Fallcrest they ran into a tall man with a long brown jacket and holding an item that they hadn’t seen before. Due to some “misunderstandings” the group found themselves surrounded and outgunned. Explosive items and a weapon that shot light overwhelmed the group and forced them to abandon their goods to the bandits.

The group returns to Kallista battered and bruised to report their failure. King Torinn joins the conversation and offers a way to repay for their failure. He said that he will find another way to supply goods to the festival but they will be forced to participate in the activities that would transpire. The group paid a small fine and begrudgingly agreed to participate in the festival…….

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