King of Hammerfast, Commander of the Copper Vale


Copper Dragonborn
Warrior King
Squad Leader


Torinn comes from Harkenwold. Once he became of age he joined Lord Jamlamin’s army and rose through the ranks. Due to his natural ability, he was given the honor to study under Paladin Leader Auron who taught him about the path of light. After many years of training he was promoted to Paladin squad leader of the Copper Vale.

He was loved by not only those under his commands but also the people of the land. Especially once reports of the Battalion of the 3 Goddesses started popping up. The battles were long and tiring but Torinn pushed on with the Copper Vale. This led to a dramatic battle at Dawnforge Mountain.

Very few know what happened in the mountains. Reports state that the battle was fierce and could be heard across the land. Suddenly a bright bubble enveloped the area and there was silence. A few days passed and no one knew the fate of those on the mountain. Torinn stumbled into town badly damaged while holding on to a young girl. He stated that the threat was over but he was the only one to survive the encounter.

Due to his involvement with ending the threat of the 3 Goddesses, Torinn became the popular choice for King. He has ruled with little to no incidents during his reign. He has ruled justly but some still feel he is not their rightful ruler.


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